• Fantastické veci - exclusive hand-deforated gift for everyone

    Fantastické veci

    From time to time each of us should treat himself or his loved ones with some unusual enjoyment or a gift, even just a little something or keepsake that is both beautiful and useful – and unique in the entire world.

    “Fantastické veci” means “fantastic gifts” and in our shop we are offering just that – exclusive hand-crafted gifts to delight and help you make other people happy, which you can't get anywhere else.

    Halt now for a minute or two and check out what Fantastické veci, Foglia Verde or Kobayashi are. Or even better, if you feel inspired, drop by in our outlet to see it all in one beautiful place.

  • eshop s originálnými, ručne dekorovanými vianočnými darčeky

    Fantastic interiors

    Do you feel your home, office, restaurant or even hotel suite would deserve a fancy, original facelift but do not know what exactly?

    Would you know how little is enough to change your place dramatically - enhance it optically with no messy construction works or divide it in different comfort zones and most od all, make it really yours?

    Well, brush, paint and some sleigh of our hand can make it real!

  • Foglia Verde® - original hand-painted gift with leaf motif

    Foglia Verde®

    From useful hand-painted glass nail files across genuine fashion for both ladies and gents to charming pieces and sets of porcelain, glass, textile or leather or literally any material, on both tasteful gifts and items of everyday use, there the world-known Foglia Verde® leaf motifs can be found.

    The hand-painted Foglia Verde® items are solely available at Fantastické veci and every piece is an original complemented with a certificate of origin guaranteeing its uniqueness.

    Make somebody`s day with the most exclusive gift!

  • Kobayashi® - unique original hand-made present


    Although quite different from the decent and delicate leaf patterns, the Kobayashi® also come from Monika Šimkovičová, the author of the Foglia Verde® (Monika likes to say she has her Foglia Verde days and her Kobayashi days) and next to paintings are basically employed for the same purpose – making common items and wear a genuine piece, single one of its kind with a certificate of origin attached.

    Check out the show of hand-painted T-shirts, baseball caps, handbags but also jeans, pillowcases or bed linen and many more!

  • Exclusive tailor-made gift decorated with crystals from Swarovski® Elements

    Swarovski® Elements

    Are you vainly seeking an unusual gift, perhaps something glittery jewel-like? Are you tired of stock production? Have a look at items of everyday use turned into unique originals with gleaming colourful crystals of the famous jewel maker Swarovski® Elements and even suggest your own design.

    Whether a present for a girlfriend or a wife, a tasteful courtesy for your business partner, or just a deserved reward for yourself, consider Fantastické veci. The certificate of origin attached to every our product is a guarantee that none two are the same, the recipient`s name on it adds the exclusivity dip.

  • Originálne dizajnové Fantastické lustre

    Original design chandeliers from Ondrej Lewis

    Yet another part of the Fantasticke veci assortment are these unique, highly original chandeliers designed by Ondrej Lewis.

    Some of them have been exhibited in London, Birmingham or Newcastle. In Slovakia one of the chandeliers is currently put on display in River Gallery in the Bratislava River Park, another three jumbo chandeliers are in a private collection in Košice.

    The latest novelty, design lightning elements for houselholds, is now available in the Fantasticke veci store.

  • Marian Kunc - art photography services

    Photography - Marián Kunc

    Art photographer (and musician and passionate aquarist) Marián Kunc presents a portfolio of interesting photographies, mostly portraits and landscapes, in or shop. These are available for sale, per se, framed or as passe-partout.

    On top of that, Marián also kindly lets Fantastické veci offer his art photography services.

  • Garra rufa fish biopeeling - relaxing from doctor fish

    The Garra Rufa fish biopeeling

    Come enjoy the unique relaxing biopeeling! Be comfortably seated, plunge your foot to warm water and let a swarm of tiny fish do the job of sloughing off the dead skin in a completely natural, non-irritating peeling procedure suitable for allergic people with some positive effects against atopic dermatitis.

Fantastické veci - the world of Fantastic gifts

What you can find here, you won`t find elsewhere.
What you can`t find here, we will make for you!

In our outlet you will find Fantastické veci, fantastic things in form of most exclusive gifts such as porcelain, glass, textiles and wears or even quite common items of everyday use hand-decorated with fancy Foglia Verde® and Kobayashi® patterns or gleaming crystals from the Swarovski® Elements. Whether you are seeking a fancy gift to please your loved one or just a reward for your self, welcome and be inspired.

exclusive hand-decoratd gifts, items of everyday use turned to jewels with swarovski elements crystals and hand-painted

Welcome to the world of fantastic things … and let yourself get inspired!