Fantastic gifts and services

Custom and personalized gifts

Sometimes each of us may find it difficult to think of the most suitable present for a person or specific occasion. Fortunately, the Fantastické veci are here to answer such challenges.

In case you only have a vague idea of what it should be or look like or simply cannot decide what would please the recipient the most, we will gladly help you make the right choice – or we will tailor one exactly to your needs.

In a workshop situated at our store you can pick a motif or pattern, color combination and decoration technique, be it hand-painting or Swarovski® Elements crystals embellishment, as well as the item to be decorated (or even bring your own) and thereby add that invaluable personal touch. Next to being complemented with a tasteful certificate of origin, each such gift thus also bears that unique hallmark of yourself and the extra value of something you have helped create.