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Fantastic chandeliers from Ondrej Lewis

Ondrej Lewis - designer, artist

Yet another part of the Fantasticke veci assortment are these unique, highly original chandeliers designed by Ondrej Lewis.

Ondrej studied art, design and interior architecture at the University of Teeside, UK. In cooperation with Joanne Riddle he came up with a method of recycling PET and HDPE bottles, which, pressed and compacted, yield material for distinctive chandeliers and lightning elements. This material Ondrej elaborates with various techniques including 24-carat gold plating to gain an exquisite artistic piece of interior decoration.

Some of these have been exhibited in London, Birmingham or Newcastle. In Slovakia one of the chandeliers is currently put on display in River Gallery in the Bratislava River Park, another three jumbo chandeliers are in a private collection in Košice.

The latest novelty, design lightning elements for houselholds, is now available in the Fantasticke veci store.