Fantastic interior design

Fantastic interior design by Monika Šimkovičová

We believe a place where you spends a substantial part of his time is worth being warm and nice – or cosy or whatever makes you comfortable. Be it a mere detail, smart and decent to cover small irregularities, or a full-scaled color transformation of your bedroom, suite, office or business premises, sometimes even an hour or two and some deciliters or paint can change it completely.

Clever application of wallpaint, carpets, furniture, light, small accessories and several other intricate ingredients can quickly expand your room optically or divide it in different activity zones without messy construction works and make it completely original. And most importantly, it will be tailored to your taste so that sitting back will truly get a new dimension.

In the past 15 years we have laid our hands on countless rooms of all sorts from private premises to restaurants or hotel lobbies, some examples of which we are presenting im the gallery bellow. But no way we are limited to “a la carte” catalogue decorations. Whether you have a clear idea of what your place needs or just a faint feeling that you want something changed, most probably we can arrange it for you.

Really, it is challenges that we like.