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Hand-painted gifts - Foglia Verde®

From classy glass nail files up to sharp-elegant representative porcelain – the world-known hand-painted leaf motif Foglia Verde® can be found on glass, textile, leather or literally any other material.

Fantastické veci are now offering this cool pattern to you and open it for your invention. In our shop you will find a wide assortment decorated with these motifs, fairly combining functionality and aesthetic value. Wall paintings, handbags, glassware, exquisite clothing, but also mp3 players, diaries and personal organizers, PC accessories or even a real car – virtually anything, the only limitation is your imagination.

As people say, seeing once is better than hearing hundred times. Our shop is a clear proof that there is a big truth in this piece of popular wisdom.

As we only use hight-quality colours, the patterns do not wane, fade or lose any of its original gloss in hand-washing.