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Hand-painted gifts – Kobayashi®

The gentle Kobayashi® style paintings and patterns featuring predominantly colourful small house or animal motifs come from the same author as the Foglia Verde®, who says she has her Foglia Verde moods and her Kobayashi moods.

These patterns can most often be found on textiles and leather such as shirts, baseball caps, denim trousers, handbags, jackets and many others. The author loves experimenting with non-traditional materials and approaches also so you are quite likely to encounter a stylish bedside lamp, cigarette case, glass nail file or set of computer accessories that clearly stands out. Since only high-quality colours are employed, the hand-painted Kobayashi® gifts may be hand-washed without losing any of its original magic.

Much as all the gifts are only produced in strictly limited collections and none two are the same, which gives you certainty that your gift will be world-unique, you are welcome to suggest your own to to give it the ultimately personal touch.

Check out some examples and try our eshop. Or even better, come pay us a visit in our shop – seeing things with one`s own eyes and feeling them with one`s hand tells much more than all images in the world.